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    Our Image Editing Services Process

    We Provide photo clipping path services in the allotted budget and time frame. Our project life cycle contains the following phases :

    web development process

    Images are a great way to communicate information, but they’re even better when they are aesthetically pleasing and convey a strong message. Image editing and processing services can give your photo a complete makeover, change colour, add text, or even remove parts and add other elements. It can be anything – from changing the colour of the photo to the background or adding text or other elements into the photo

    At Imaago Solutions , Image Editing and Processing Services are designed to give your photos and images a complete makeover or ornamentation. This service can change any part of one image – from changing color to cropping it or even removing parts and adding/manipulating other elements into it.

    Our Company goes beyond only offering image editing services; instead , We turn images into promotional initiatives that improving business development and produced the outcomes you care about.

    Photo clipping Path Services


    Photo clipping Path Services

    Clipping path service is the initial editing step to isolate a product from an image. It helps to distribute an image by removing unwanted objects and backgrounds. Also, it is used to add or composite graphic content, color correction, and a transparent environment. With shadows and reflections, your products get an exclusive chance to get noticed. Simple clipping path projects are the ones where images have smooth and straight edges and can be easily edited. We can also expertly handle complex projects that contain images with rough, uneven and curved edges. Such projects require a lot of time to accurately trace the path and then extract the image.

    At Imaago, Our clipping path professionals have years of experience to carefully isolate and extract objects from an image without affecting the quality. Whether it is clipping paths of a contrasting background or complex image with several overlapping objects, we are simply good at achieving perfect results.

    Outsource Clipping Path Services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Image Clipping Path Services, the clipping path service, crops part of the artwork so that only a fragment of the artwork emerges from the shape or shapes you create.

    • Transparent background, white or any color of your choice
    • White Background & Create shadows
    • Transparent background with more layers
    • Create vector path using pen tool
    • Multiple paths for color correction and retouching
    • Reflections & Blemish Removal
    • Up to 65-75% Cost Savings
    • 08-12 Hour Delivery
    • 100% Client Satisfaction
    • 100% Data Security

    Background Removal Services


    Background Removal Services

    Background removal is when you isolate the subject of a photo and wipe the rest of the image clean. It means to cut out the original background of the photos so that we can use any color of background according to our needs. It gives us the freedom that whatever color we like to use, we can put as a background of the image. There are times when it is desired to knock out the background from an image to increase its aesthetic value. Dealing with such challenges with ease is the everyday task handled by our Photoshop professionals .The background removal service lets you mark specific areas of an image to keep or remove it.

    Our Photoshop professionals can edit your photos to add, remove, as well as mask objects and people in the background for desired results. Our editors have thorough knowledge of the photo editing process and can successfully deliver even the most complicated photo background removal projects efficiently.

    Outsource Background removal services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Background removal Services are unwanted objects or people in the background spoiling the look of your ‘near-perfect' photo? Remove them with our expert Photoshop background removal services.

    • Background Changing And Removal Services
    • Background Cleaning & Color change Services
    • Backgrounds Objects & Persons Removal
    • Watermark Removal Or Addition
    • Removing of Dark Spot & Blemishes
    • Transparent Background
    • Brightness and Contrast adjustment
    • Color Correction & Reflection Editing
    • Rotation and Cropping & Shadow
    • Detailed Background Replacement of images

    Photo Cutout Services


    Photo Cutout Services

    Photo Cutout is a process of cutting photos by choosing a part of it. It literally means the process of focusing the part that needs to be marked, selected, and isolated from the whole photograph. And, the process should be according to the edge or border of the subject. Photo cutout (also known as deep etched) is a post-production technique that separates the main subject by cutting out the image from its background to enhance the image’s appearance. Also, offer a transparent and white background that fits well on different e-Commerce platforms. We will deliver the finest and the most crisp photo cutouts irrespective of the type and content of the image.

    Imaago provides sharp, precise, and detailed image cutout services that suit every person’s need, whether you’re looking to make it big in show business or hatching a product-based e-Commerce startup.

    Outsource Photo cutout services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of cutout services, Our professional photo cutout services are customizable to your preferences, rendering the exact portion of the image you require in the manner you want and without flaws.

    • A Complete analysis of your requirements
    • Best turnaround time without losing on quality
    • Highest Data Accuracy
    • Up to 65-75% Cost Savings
    • 100% Data Security
    • Discount price for bulk volume cut-out projects
    • Furniture Image Cutout Services
    • Jewelry Image Cutout Services
    • Product Image Cutout Services
    • Fashion Image Cutout Services

    Image Masking Services


    Image Masking Services

    Image masking is a process of graphics software like Photoshop to hide some portions of an image and to reveal some portions. It is a non-destructive process of image editing .Most of the time it enables you to adjust and tweak the mask later if necessary. When you are “masking” an image while photo editing, it means you’re limiting where a certain layer or adjustment is visible. Photo masking is an essential pre-production service demanded by publishing houses, advertisement companies and e-Commerce organizations. The nature of their business is very fragile, involving extreme attention to products/subjects.

    We eliminate or detach an object from the rest of the image using advanced pictures masking techniques. We handle Layer Masking, Channel Masking and Photoshop Extraction while providing professional Image Masking Services.

    Outsource Image Masking services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Image Masking Services, to facilitate the work of such organizations, we aim at saving the precious time of our clients while meeting their exact requirements through our professional image mask creation service.

    • Alpha Channel Masking
    • Advanced or Complex Layer (Hair & Fur) Masking
    • Photoshop Transparency Masking
    • Translucent Image Masking
    • Photoshop Collage Masking
    • Clipping path with background change
    • Clipping path with any color of your choice
    • Clipping path for color corrections
    • Clipping path with cropping

    Image Colorization Services


    Image Colorization Services

    Image colorization is the process of assigning colors to a grayscale image to make it more aesthetically appealing and perceptually meaningful. This method requires considerably less human intervention. The user here just need to provide a colored image which will serve as a reference to the algorithm. The objects and texture content of the reference image must be as similar as it can be to the target image. Our photo colorization service expands to Selective Colorization (where only the desired portion of the photograph shall only be colorized), Overall Colorization (coloring the whole picture) and Color Correction. We can also create black & white photographs from the colored photographs.

    At Imaago, we add colors to your black and white pictures and give them the exact colorful look they deserve. Using selective coloring techniques, we can also highlight particular sections of a photograph to draw the viewer's attention to the desired spots.

    Outsource Image colorization services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Image colorization Services, Our services help you enhance the overall quality of your photographs. We deliver consistent and smooth color transitions within and across the image objects.

    • Density and contrast correction
    • Resizing and cropping the images
    • Enhancing the skin texture
    • Coloring a needed portion of the image
    • Adding color balance hues
    • Color tones & White balance adjusting
    • Whitening teeth and eye color changing
    • Background colors changing
    • Changing or enhancing image background
    • Coloring discoloured images
    • Adding texts & tanning and gloss/matte effects
    • Removing shadow & blemishes and dots

    Image Manipulation Services


    Image Manipulation Services

    The goal of image manipulation is to make a realistic image that is very different from any existing photo. It is a blend between photography and graphic design .Image Manipulation brings changes to a digitized image for transforming it to a desired image. We align our photography manipulation services with individual business requirements, ideals, and target market behavior. Online photo manipulation services impact businesses in many different ways like , outsourcing digital photo manipulation services saves time and money, you can get the results within 12-24 hours with a good image manipulation company, a unique human touch with technical editing effects cast a better impression on audiences.

    At Imaago, we employ image manipulation experts who are intimately familiar with the threshold between appropriate use and abuse of digital image manipulation. Therefore, our photography manipulation services produce impeccable outcomes while balancing righteous practices with a keen business sense

    Outsource Image manipulation services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Image Manipulation Services, our photography manipulation services produce impeccable outcomes while balancing righteous practices with a keen business sense.

    • Creative Retouching for Beauty and Fashion
    • Adding & removing & replacing objects or people
    • Adding missing people to a group
    • Glamor Photography Manipulation Services
    • Creating Shadows and highlights
    • Cropping & Resizing Images
    • Red eye editing and eye color changing
    • Color corrections & Tone Adjustment
    • Background Changing
    • Jagged edges removal
    • White Balance & Sharpness Adjustment
    • Watermark Addition or Removal

    Photo Restoration Services


    Photo Restoration Services

    Photo restoration is an artistic process used to fix old photos or restore damaged photographs. It uses digital restoration tools to create digital versions of the images while also improving their quality and repairing damage. We reward your battered pictures with a new life through a wide and comprehensive array of old photo restoration services. Multi-format processing, substantially damaged photo restoration, complete photo enhancement, or urgent delivery- we handle every requirement with equal ease, finesse, and perfection. Considering how physical photographs are prone to vagaries of time and tend to lose their sheen, old picture restoration has become necessary.

    Many benefits are attached with affordable photo restoration services, including better that original quality, enlargement and enhancement, preservation from further deterioration, ease of sharing and better details and context.

    Outsource Photo restoration services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Photo Restoration Services, restoration techniques are based on modeling the degradation using a priori knowledge and applying the inverse process in order to restore the original image.

    • Removal of dirt, fold marks, smears, cracks, scratches.
    • Removal of impregnations, stains, traces of scotch tape, etc.
    • Minor shake and bad lighting repairing
    • Enhance the sharpness, intensity, contrast and brightness
    • Restoring the missing parts and areas of photo
    • Correcting the color balance and removal of yellowness
    • Adding of color to black & white photos
    • Highlight the details and bring them to original

    Photo Retouching Services


    Photo Retouching Services

    Retouching means opting to remove or add elements into an image using digital software like Photoshop. It uses photo manipulation to enhance, recreate, and combine several images into one cohesive photo. Usually completed after globalized adjustments (such as color correction), retouching is the polishing of an image. Once the white balance, cropping and color profile has been created, a retoucher will focus on adjusting other elements of an image. With an in-depth understanding of photo retouching tools, techniques, and aesthetics, our image retouching services impart a professional touch to your photographs, amplifying the message you want to convey.

    With a volley of professional high end photo retouching services, we specialize in product photo optimization, catalogs, portraits, and commercial, beauty, editorial, & creative retouching, among others.

    Outsource Photo Retouching Services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Photo Restoration Services, enhance the appeal of your portfolio, catalog, or portraits while establishing brand awareness with digital photo retouching services from Imaago.

    • Face Shape Correction
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Skin Retouching
    • Blemish & Dust Removal
    • Photo Slimming
    • Makeup Retouching
    • Retouching Of Hair, Teeth, Face, Skin.
    • Image Masking
    • Color Correction

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