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    Our Work Process

    Data entry is basically the conversion of information or data into a computer-readable format. It is the act of manually putting data into a computer system

    Our Process

    Data Management services can be very simple and quick, or they can be very complicated and time-consuming. Regardless of the type of data entry you need done, there are certain things you can do to make it easier on the person who will be doing the work. To make sure that the data is correctly entered, data entry can be done through a series of checkboxes or drop-down menus.

    It is also important to make sure that the data entry is done in a way that makes sense. For example, if you are entering a contract that has a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, it's best to make sure that the person doing the data entry has a basic understanding of the contract and the terms before giving them the contract.

    We do not just data entry, we turn them into effective communication channels that promote online growth and produce the outcomes you care about.

    Data Entry Services

    Data Entry Services

    Data Entry Services is the act of transcribing already written documents into online and digital formats. Electronic or manual data can be entered into any desirable format. For performing seasonal tasks and to avoid hiring seasonal staff it is always the far reliable option to employ a standardized Data Entry Service. Data is gold. High-quality, well-organized data is a competitive advantage, a market differentiator, and a critical metric for success. With a dynamic data entry service provider, you can attain all those targets at a reasonable price! Every present-day business is data-driven. However, as necessary an asset data is, recording, processing, monitoring, and analyzing it can be a costly, time-taking affair

    Managing data in-house can lead to a deviation from the core business tasks, distract employees from core activities, and add to their workload. From classic data entry services to advanced, evolving needs- whatever your business needs, we supply. And, above all, our data entry company strives to drive progress for your business, regardless of how the path to your success may evolve.

    Outsource Data Entry Services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Data Entry Services, whether you need resources for a long-term, single-focus project or require frequent but isolated assistance- our resources and flexible, scalable outsourcing models take care of that as well.

    • Online Data Entry
    • Offline Data Entry
    • Copy Paste Services
    • Image Data Entry
    • Product/Catalog Data Entry
    • Documents & PDF Data Entry
    • Online Bills and Forms Data Entry
    • Online Data Capture Services
    • Questionnaire/Survey Data Entry
    • Online Data Entry from HTML Pages/PDF
    • Document Scanning & Indexing Services

    Data Processing Services

    Data Processing Services

    Data processing occurs when data is collected and translated into usable information. Usually performed by a data scientist or team of data scientists, it is important for data processing to be done correctly as not to negatively affect the end product, or data output. Data processing starts with data in its raw form and converts it into a more readable format (graphs, documents, etc.), giving it the form and context necessary to be interpreted by computers and utilized by employees throughout an organization. To transform this data into meaningful information, data processing professionals apply a variety of techniques and tools. In today’s business world data processing has become an absolute must for every organization as it expedites strategic decision making.

    We help you capture, extract, digitize and process data from various sources and transform it into actionable insights. We're equipped with over a decade of experience in delivering data processing and management services to global customers at affordable rates.

    Outsource Data Processing Services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Data Processing Services, Outsourcing your non-core but critical online data processing services to Imaago gives you the dual benefit of reduced cost and enhanced operational efficiency of your organization.

    • Order Processing
    • Data Conversion
    • Image Processing
    • Check Processing
    • Survey Processing Services
    • Credit Card Processing Services
    • Image Data Processing Services
    • Insurance Claim Entry
    • Insurance Claim Processing
    • Book Conversion

    Data Conversion Services

    Data Conversion Services

    Data Conversion is the translation of computer data from one format to another. Throughout a computer environment, data is encoded in a variety of ways. There are many ways in which data is converted within the computer environment. Typically, data conversion efforts require data manipulation using special conversion programs that move the data from each disparate source into a central stage environment to process the conversion scripts, convert flat files and different data types from each of the source environment into a central repository, once data is staged, program logic is developed to translate the data into the new output format, the target object is then exported to the new system utilizing the API of the system or direct database loads.

    Go digital in half the time and at minimal cost with Imaago. Outsource data conversion services to transform your data store into a reliable, organized, and effective collection that will boost productivity for your team and business. Experience the impact that professional data conversion services can bring to your business.

    Outsource Data Conversion Services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Data Conversion Services, our data conversion process makes it simpler for you. With regular file conversions, multiple language expertise, and multi-format specialty, we ensure that the results match your expectations and smoothen your workflow.

    • HTML Conversion Services
    • XML Conversion Services
    • PDF Conversion Services
    • Word Formatting Services
    • Book Conversion Services
    • Spreadsheet Convers Services
    • Document Conversion Services
    • XLS, CSV Data Conversion
    • PDF Accessibility Services

    Form Processing Services

    Form Processing Services

    Form Processing is a process by which one can catch data that went into information fields and convert it into a piece of electronic information or data. This should be possible physically or naturally, yet the general interaction is that printed version information is finished up by people and afterwards "caught" from their separate fields and went into a data set or other electronic format. You also have to spend on infrastructure and technology to process forms in-house. All these factors make a good case for outsourcing form processing services to a vendor of repute. By doing so, businesses can leverage the automation capability and industry know-how of the vendor while scaling their performance and efficiency cost-effectively.

    We can handle both structured (well-formatted forms in tabular/column designs with boxes to fill in details, such as coupons, registration forms, etc.) and non-structured versions (such as survey questionnaires or survey forms) of forms processing.

    Outsource Form Processing Services by IMAAGO, Includes :

    Imaago offers an eclectic range of Form Processing Services, we cater to a wide variety of industry verticals, including health care providers, banks and financial institutions, tour and travel agencies, insurance companies, government agencies, educational institutions, retailers, legal companies, and other organizations.

    • Payroll form processing
    • Order forms
    • Subscription & Order Forms
    • Online Forms Processing
    • Purchase and Sales Orders
    • Survey & Questionnaires forms
    • Accounts related forms, legal forms, tax forms.
    • Insurance claim forms
    • Warranty claim forms
    • Coupon redemption forms
    • Patient Records and Medical Forms
    • Contact Detail Forms

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